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Why the womb chair is the most comfortable chair for your beauty shop?

Getting a face beat or your hair done could be tiring at times, especially when you have to sit for long. To enjoy the process, you need a chair that is both comfortable and salon-friendly. Thankfully, a Finnish-American designer and architect called Eero Saarinen created a very comfortable chair in 1946, known as the womb chair. In this article you would discover why the womb lounge chair is the best for any makeup studio or beauty shop.

Why you need the womb chair in your makeup studio?

The womb chair was originally called ‘Model No. 70’. It was created at the request of Florence Basset Knoll. She wanted a chair that had would feel very comfortable, like a basket full of pillows. And Saarinen understood the assignment. Inspired by a heavily pregnant friend of his, he wanted anyone who sat in the chair to enjoy the most comfort and body support. The Womb chair is generally praised for its sense of safety and out of this world comfort. When you pair it with an ottoman, you might even fall asleep on it. Even without an ottoman, it gives you the best support for your neck, back and waist. You could sit in the womb chair for as long as you can, while have your hair done, face beat or a pedicure session. It is one of those chairs that give you amazing lumbar support, especially for folks with a history of back or waist pains. The womb chair is not too high, so the beauty technician attending to you wouldn’t have to stretch or turn a lot. They could even make use of the ottoman or a bar stool, while attending to customers. It’s just the perfect height. Another reason why every salon needs the womb chair is because of its size. It’s not too large or bogus, and doesn’t occupy a lot of space. You can use it without the ottoman, even in a small space.

The comfort in the womb chair is beyond words. We recommend that everyone should have a feel of its sheer comfort and safety.